Check Up on the Hudson County Condo Market

Infographic detailing the Hoboken Condo Average Sales Value, which is $855,403, an 8.43% increase from 2017.

How’s your investment doing? If you own a condominium property somewhere in Hudson County, NJ, you may be interested in learning more about the current status of the market! Hudson County is a large area, so it’s important to ensure you’re keeping track of the different communities here and their unique real estate markets. This […]

What Do Those Home Selling Terms Even Mean?

Real estate lingo can be hard to decipher because, well, there’s so much of it! It might even seem like your Realtor is speaking another language. From fancy acronyms to words like “escrow” and “riders,” there are a lot of terms out there that might seem totally foreign. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have […]